Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of today’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and at Glenfield Dental we are thrilled to offer whitening systems to suit all budgets. From home whitening kits to in-house treatment, we have everything you need to brighten your smile.

Enlighten whitening

Our most popular whitening treatment here at Glenfield Dental is the Enlighten whitening system.
The first step in Enlighten whitening treatment is to take an impression of your teeth, which will then be sent over to the lab, where your bespoke bleaching trays will be created. The trays will be made under pressure, meaning that the bleaching gels are forced deeper into your teeth to provide the optimum amount of whitening.Enlighton whitening

In your second whitening appointment at Glenfield Dental we will make sure that the bleaching trays fit your teeth accurately and provide you with a two-week supply of Enlighten whitening gel. We will give you careful instructions on exactly how to use the gel and we do recommend you wear the trays every night during the two-week period.

In two weeks’ time you will return to Glenfield Dental for an in-surgery session of deep whitening. We will use a stronger version of the Enlighten whitening gel at this point to give you a show-stopping, bright smile.

How do I keep my teeth white after treatment?

Avoiding foods and drinks that stain the teeth, such as wine, coffee and curry will help to keep your teeth sparkly white after treatment. However, the whitening trays are yours to keep, so if you do notice a slight dulling to your teeth, you can purchase top-up whitening gel from Glenfield Dental and use it to brighten your smile from the comfort of your own home.

Is tooth whitening safe?

The tooth whitening procedure is completely safe and will not cause any damage to your teeth. However, you must be careful when purchasing whitening agents outside of the practice, as some concentrations may be incorrect and could cause harm to your teeth.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment to brighten up your smile, contact Glenfield Dental today on 0116 287 9608.