A big thank you Raj and the amazing dental technician working with you.
I so appreciate the skill expertise and patience you have demonstrated in my course of treatment.
The implants were not straightforward and you calmly dealt with this expertly with great results. My dentures fitted so well but when I questioned the possibility of improving them you patiently went ahead with my request which has resulted in perfect fit secure dentures. What an amazing team.

Kate Roubaud

Dear Mr. Vyas,

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received from the practice on Monday 5th March.

I phoned at 9:00am to report a crown had come away from my tooth. The receptionist was very helpful and found me an appointment for 11:00am. By 11:30am the crown was back on and I was on my way home. Wonderful service!

Whilst with you, I asked how long I had been coming to the practice, and as I had suspected, you have been treating me for 25 years.

I have to say that over the years I have always been very confident in the treatment you have given, and I really hope that we will be patients of yours for many years to come.

Thanks again.

Mrs Linda MacLean MBE

Having experienced a failed route canal on my central incisor, which had been problematic for 3 years, I made the decision to have a dental implant, in combination with 3 porcelain veneers. There was a lot of work required, and Mr Arun solely took on the treatment plan from start to finish which I was very happy with, as he made each step of the process very clear, and informed me throughout on what needed to be done.

The treatment plan was broken down into phases, which worked for me perfectly, as it made the process more manageable.

After a number of visits to Mr Arun, the dental implant was fitted, followed (after a recovery period) by the temporary and then permanent implant crown.

At the same time as this, the temporary and then permanent veneers were made, to fit in perfectly with the crown.

The treatment I had was a particularly tricky one, as matching veneers and an implant crown naturally is hard to do.

The finished article I couldn’t be happier with, my new smile looks bright and white, but most importantly, very natural. I’m very thankful to Mr Arun for his patience throughout, he is very thorough, and a clear perfectionist, which is exactly what you hope for when having cosmetic work done.

Thanks to all at Glenfield Dental for my new smile!


I started using your dental practice in November 2015. I was a very nervous patient having had some bad experiences.
Mr Arun has changed that. I’m still a little nervous but feel so much more confident when having to have treatment.
I received root canal treatment today and felt very informed all the way through. My abscess has also cleared instantly.

Many thanks.


I doubt very much that you will find a more professional, caring and nicer group of people than this dental practice. All the team are lovely from walking in the door to treatment.
I first attended the practice for an initial consultation regarding new dentures and was given some interesting options from Sanjay; one was to have implants to help them be more secure. I must admit I’d never heard of this procedure for dentures and found the information fascinating. My next consultation was with Raj Patal who is an expert in implant procedures and boy is he, the advice I received was invaluable for me to make a decision, however, mine wasn’t the ‘norm’.
I had a CT scan to establish whether I had enough bone to take implants but unfortunately my top jaw was a no go; not enough bone but my bottom jaw had just enough bone to take two implants. Now it was decision time and I decided to go ahead.
Raj is extremely patient and calm and explained everything in great detail to me. I was particularly anxious because I hadn’t had any dental surgery for 40 years and having implants drilled into my jaw bone was somewhat daunting. I needn’t have worried though, I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. All went well – of course it did, it’s Raj Patel!
I now have a very decent natural looking smile and great looking teeth to be proud of, with secure bottom dentures and much improved top dentures.
I can’t thank Raj and everyone at the practice enough, they are the best.
I will still have future aftercare for some time but I certainly won’t feel anxious about attending, that’s for sure.
If you have a similar problem to mine, I can only stress that you talk to the experts at this practice. You will not be disappointed and you will be treated the same as I was because it’s obviously their philosophy.


I have never felt confident with my smile but Glenfield Dental has given me just that! I started as a new adult patient in February 2015 and was met with such a warm welcome. I decided to have braces which was a huge step but Rajesh Patel and his team gave me peace of mind. They enlightened me about all the many options available now and the exact costs for my treatment and explained more cost efficient options too. I felt supported along the entire journey by being safe in the knowledge that I was in expert hands. I will say that braces are a lifestyle change and the maintenance of them during and after is costly but the finished result outweighs anything else! It is an investment for life.

I also cannot praise enough Jay Ganatra, Jessica Gadher and the support staff for their help and inspiring me on this carefully planned journey for perfect teeth that I am on.


I’ve been a patient of Sanjay Vyas’s practice for over 14 years. They have a great team of girls who are always ready to help and communication is fantastic.
My dentist always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable when asking questions. He’s always friendly and explains what he is doing when having my regular check ups.

Last year I took the plunge and had some braces fitted. I always wanted my bottom teeth straightened purely for cosmetic reasons. I spoke to orthodontist Raj Patel and he was very professional and explained every part of the procedure and what was going to happen in the year to come. I am very happy with the result and it was worth every penny – they look great! I have good teeth anyway, but I like to visit my Hygienist Carole Lip regularly. I’ve always kept my teeth clean and had regular cleaning done as this helps prevent future work. You can’t put a price on your teeth and health, my hygienist agrees they look great and she cleans and checks to make sure all is looking good three times a year. I smile a lot and I like them to look healthy.

The practice were very helpful whenever I had questions about my brace and Raj was always available when needing something altering on my brace. Practice Manager, Sem always rang or got her team of girls to leave me a message if I had any questions. It was a stress free experience and money well spent – no regrets!

All my family visit the practice and I am very happy and so are my children with the team’s friendly and professional approach to make you feel comfortable when visiting the practice.

A happy smiley patient!

Dawn Gurney